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  • Can I receive tutoring online?
    Yes. Your tutor has the ability to setup both In-Person and online sessions. Once the session is setup, they should be able to provide you with a link where you can join the online session.
  • What if my tutor doesn't show up?
    If you have waited atleast 15 mins and tried to contact your tutor, and they still don't show up, you can report this from the no-show option present on your upcoming session. Once the no show claim is approved by our team(usually takes 24 hrs), we will refund the full amount plus an additional $10 credit for your future lessons.
  • Can the session duration only be in hourly intervals?
    No. While the session has to be a minimum of 1 hour, you can always extend your session with as little as 15 min intervals. Please confirm with your tutor about their availability before extending sessions.
  • Is there a minimum duration for a tutoring session?
    Yes. As a means to value the effort put by our tutors, each session has to be a minimum of 1 hour.
  • How do I set up a time and place for tutoring sessions
    After you send a request to your tutor, you can then chat with them directly to setup a time and place for your session.
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