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Engage with your peers


Ask questions or help others with theirs, chat with like-minded students, and learn from tutors. Share your experiences, worries, or goals with people who understand.


When you enroll in a course on Lessn, we’ll automatically add you to its chat. Effortlessly connect with people in your class. It’s free, easy, and fun!

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Learn from the best


Find your tutor

Choose your favorite teacher for the subject you need help with. All our tutors are verified - you’re upskilling with the best.

Setup a time and place

Brief the tutor and set up a time and place to meet through our safe in-app chat. Sessions can be both online and in person.


Meetup and learn

Get ready to supercharge your learning on your chosen topic! You’re also protected from no-shows with our tutor show-up guarantee.

Connect with your classmates

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Earn by tutoring


Have you taken a courses in college?

Feel confident in tutoring those courses?


Become a tutor and help others achieve their potential - and earn some cash.


With Lessn you keep 100% of your earnings!

Explore more opportunities with Lessn

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Interview Prep


Connect with mentors in FAANG and other big tech companies

Here's some ways how professional mentors can help you in different parts of the hiring process:

  • Resume review

  • Interview preparation tips

  • Company specific hiring process

  • Benefits and salary information

  • Use mentor network to accelerate your job hunt. 


To view available mentors, sign up on the Lessn app choose Interview Prep from the list of courses 



We are a group of students who have been on both, the tutor and student side of on campus tutoring and various online tutoring platforms. We understand the frustration experienced by students for not being able to find the much needed help. And on the other hand, it is difficult for student tutors to reach the right audience.

We took it upon ourselves to create a platform that will provide easy access to great tutors and also help students make some extra money by sharing their knowledge.

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